About Rest & Renew℠

The short version of Rest & Renew Vision is to:

End the Stigma. Change the Conversation.

The longer version is:
The vision of Rest & Renew℠ is to end the stigma associated with mental illness; such that the conversation, and associated resources are given the same if not more attention and credibility as physical illness. We want to change the conversation from Mental Health to Brain Health, focusing on the whole person – biological, psychological, social and spiritual.

About The Founder and CEO of Rest & Renew℠

As a 2x suicide survivor (Summer 2014, Fall 2020) Elaine stepped out of Corporate America in April 2021 after 30+ years to pursue her purpose and passion of ending the stigma associated with mental illness. Her previous role was as a management consultant for PwC.

Originally from Liverpool England, Elaine has been in the USA since 1998. Elaine is an EBE (Expert By Experience); Author: My Crazy Summer, a memoir God, medication and me; Brain Health Warrior; Licensed Brain Health Coach through Dr. Amen Clinics; Mental Health Crusader; Speaker; Podcast Host; Radio personality; Mental Health First Aid Instructor; contractor with Be Free Lake Coalition Prevention (educating teens in the local High Schools); a Peer2Peer Facilitator and In Your Own Voice Speaker for National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) Greater Orlando; CHPC (Certified Human Potential Coach).

She lives in Central Florida with her husband Kevin and service dog Kiara. She has a daughter who is married, and together they have a precious daughter.

My Crazy Summer

My Crazy Summer:
A Memoir

Elaine is someone that people would describe as “having it all together,” an extrovert who loves people. It was, therefore, very out of character when in the summer of 2014, she isolated herself. Off work for almost six months, Elaine battled Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. What was more challenging was the internal conflict she had between “faith and medication.” As a suicide survivor, her memoir describes her journey going into the deepest darkest pit and with the help of medication coming out into the light. She shares her personal journals written during the time, with the intent of helping others see the struggles she experienced.

Elaine’s desire is for her story to bring hope for the hopeless – especially as it related to the conflict between faith and medication; understanding for those who are family and friends of the person struggling with depression. She is passionate about #stigmafree and creating a society where “I’m a suicide survivor” is as accepted as “I’m a recovering alcoholic.”

All profits from book sales will be donated to the Rest & Renew℠ Foundation.

Book is also available on Audible, and all places where you purchase your audio books. The book is narrated by The Real English Elaine.